a random monday post

hello and happy monday (night) to you!  i pray you had a safe and warm weekend.  it is so very cold here in central illinois.  we have been below zero (with the wind chill) all day and the roads are super slick.  schools are closed and our homeschool group christmas party had to be postponed until next week.  but shoppe orders have been coming in all weekend and i have decided i love working in pajamas.  we have been wearing them for two days straight. 

but i am thinking i might actually get dressed tomorrow. so glamorous, right?

i had a neat idea for the blog this week, plus i wanted to catch up on advent collages, but i am finding very little time for it all.  such is life.  so let's just take in a little enzo-cuteness.  i could spend all day playing with this kid.  he is at such a great stage.  super fun and sweet and learning oodles of new stuff.  maybe that is where my time is going.  to the important and valuable raising-three-kiddos gig.  sounds good to me.


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