a peaceful christmas and a purposeful new year

it did my heart good to hear that you too needed the reminder to not give up.  thank you for the sweet comments.  i really love hearing from y'all.  and no, the hoop art is not in shoppe. . . yet.  that one was a gift for another homeschoolin' mama.  but i have a plan for a new line of hoop art in early 2011, which will include that verse.

nutcracker ballet invitations

gia had a birthday bash last weekend.  i thought i would wait to share about it until after christmas.  otherwise it might get lost in the mix.  but here is a sneak peak of her nutcracker ballet party.  i gathered materials from the stash and created these super sweet candy cane invitations.

ballet girls

ballet girls

and these are some of my favorite shots from that afternoon.  i am so glad this moment was captured.  we turned around and found these four snuggled up and reading.  too cute.

i have enjoyed the time away from here.  i have been been collecting my thoughts and keeping one task in front of me, rather than two or ten.  there has been lots of reflecting on 2010 and thinking-dreaming-praying about the coming year.  

the air is feeling so very full of christmas.  every gift i wrap stirs up the excitement for this weekend.  i love just being home together.  we have no plans to travel and jesse began an 11 day vacation today!  christmas eve service is always a favorite.  the lights and music and stories fill my heart and soul with longing and thankfulness and awe.  i pray each and every one of us finds peace in knowing God has given the most precious gift we could need.


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