luca's lost tooth and my bad decision

first lost tooth!

after much concern and a few tears, luca finally lost his "left-bottom-middle-tooth" (as he liked to call it.)  it was a long month for the boy and he was not a fan of having a loose tooth.  a lost tooth, however, is much better.  no more pain.  no more fear of swallowing it.  no more unknown.

plus now he can turn his smile into a secret weapon of cuteness on his mama.  i swear he already knows.

a tooth pillow from the heart

now here is my bad decision.  luca did not want a tooth under his pillow.  the thought kinda weirded him out.  i mentioned that i could make a special tooth pillow, but had not taken the time for it.  so when the tooth fell out on wednesday evening, i dropped everything to make this little guy.  at the expense of our family devotions i started sewing.  it wasn't purposeful.  and that was the problem.  it was negligient.  i let the allure of a project get to me.  we ran out of time to sit and read and be pulled into the story of a Savior, our Savior.  because I became more concerned with creating, rather than the Creator.

so here is our little tooth pillow.  with a sweet heart face.  we call him toothie.  and he will always be a reminder to this mama.


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