!!! happy new year !!!


just wanted to wish you all a happy new year!  thanks for being part of this community at our hartbeat.  i had no idea so many people would start reading this blog in 2010.

i pray you have a sweet time ringing in the new year - whether you are out partying or at home with some loved ones.  i remember having a 5 week old baby and crashing at 9pm last year.  tonight we are caring for a sick luca while eating yummy fondue (cheese and chocolate) and watching movies and playing games.

i enjoyed making a few 10 in '10 lists this afternoon and will have a few more of those posts for next week.  things like that are such great ways for me to take a step and remember.  especially before jumping in to the new year.  

and happy birthday and anniversary to the many friends who decided to be born or get married on this day! 

love you all and see you next year!



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