advent 2010, days 3 and 4

advent {day three}

mmm. . . starting the day with minty chocolate goodness (again).  a hot cup of coffee warming and waking this mama up.  digging through colored happiness, finding just the right treasures, and beading little pipe cleaner snowflakes. those technicolor snowflakes now hanging from their tiny tree.  watching white fluffy snowflakes outside our windows.  reading words of hope and clinging to each syllable.  hearing tiny amens, bursting, just bursting with love.  hanging paper chapters of the story, our story, and embracing it all. 

advent {day four}

thanking the Father for sweetness of all kinds.  amazed by His creativity.  waking up to a world of white.  eight inches of fresh powder waiting to be touched.  fat flakes still falling from the sky.  bundling up for a little snow play.  warming up with hot cocoa.  grace needed.  grace given.  grace received.  repeated as necessary.


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