advent 2010 {days 1 and 2}

advent {day one}

eating minty chocolate kisses.  making snowflakes.  lighting a candle.  coming together around the flame.  reading the Word and hearing His voice and opening the door to our souls.  inviting Jesus into our home.

advent {day two}

savoring more sweets.  missing our papi.  throwing open doors for Jesus to enter.  baking love and savoring melty chips.  watching christmas come to hundred acre forest.  drawing a jesse tree and taking care with the stump.  placing the earth on chalky branches.  dancing the nutcracker.  lighting candles and speaking Truth.  needing peace to enter our doors and remembering we already invited Him in.  listening to the Father whisper, "where are you?" and praying that tomorrow we are quicker to hear.

the days have been sweet.  and full of joy.  but they have also been normal.  which means bickering and temper losing and messy rooms.  because that is life and we choose joy regardless of what it sounds and looks like.



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