10 favorite accomplishments of 2010

(in chronological order)

kitchen facelift=complete (kinda)

the kitchen face-lift

my first boule

learning how to bake bread

dress math

making clothing for myself


planting berry bushes in the potager

shoppe announcement

opening my etsy shoppe

today it feels official

beginning homeschool

new magnets

finishing luca and gia's bedroom

roadtrip coming up

surviving an illinois-texas road trip with three littles 5 and under

giving up soda.  no link or photo, but i quit drinking all types of soda at the end of november and i am pretty pleased.  this ties into one of my plans for 2011 that i will share with y'all next week.

learning how to blog better.  i would consider myself a 92% better blogger going into 2011 than i was this time last year.  that being said, i see a ton of room for improvement and look forward to seeing more changes this new year.  blogging has been such a joy for this stay at home mama with a chronic illness who is also an extrovert and craves community.  thank you so much for reading.


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