voting ends in 20 minutes!!!

not that i am pressuring you or anything (seriously, i am not), but if you want to vote and still have not, please do RIGHT NOW!

voting ends in 30 minutes and the other team surged ahead in the last hour.  yikes!  i am feeling sick to my stomach.

if you can get your spouse/best friends/mom/adult children/neighbor/postman to vote too, that would be fab.  click here to vote.

love ya!

ps. if you voted in the first round, you can vote again in the finals.  if you register to vote, check your spam account for the confirmation e-mail.  just some common answers i have been giving the last couple days.


Amy Van-Mod said...

When do you find out??

Peggy said...

I am so sorry you did not win! I must say I was really disappointed especially when I found out that the winner hired a decorator to do his room. And just so you know my husband liked your room much better!!!

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