um, where did the weekend go?


not up there i guess.

i am soooo not mentally prepared for this week to begin.  i made a huge scheduling mistake and messed with our afternoon today.  i never do that.  kinda frustrating.  have you ever showed up to something on the wrong day?  a whole week early?  after you found a babysitter and everything?  yeah.  maybe more than kinda frustrating.

and since i needed all of friday night and most of yesterday to recover from one loooong week, this weekend went way too fast.

but i have felt loved and encouraged by my friends and family this weekend.  they have been rallying to support our entry at apartment therapy.  we are neck and neck for first place.  voting ends tomorrow (monday) at 2pm CST.  if you haven't voted yet, don't delay.

time to watch a little sherlock holmes on pbs with my man.  prep for tomorrow's homeschool group will just have to wait.


naskren said...

voted for you just now to tie it up at 805! not only do I sincerely think your rooms are the most beautiful, but I think you DESERVE the grand prize! good luck.

nicole said...

I hope you win!

Peggy said...

I have to admit I was very disappointed to find out I could only vote once... hmph not once a day like other contests. :) I must say I like yours the best because it is the most realistic. A home filled with family and love, not a showroom! I'm praying that you get the grand prize!!

(I am still working on the plans for the calender "copy"... I'll show them to you once completed. I am making one for my neice and one for our bedroom. But the numbers will be changable to use with each passing year.)

Hope you have a great week!!

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