their trio of shelves (and my struggle with vignettes)

their shelves

i had planned on finishing up the posts on luca and gia's bedroom in october, but alas, i once again fell prey to the monster of underestimation.  meaning i always have great ideas and fall short on the follow through.  but y'all are gracious with me, right?  so in the next few days, i will be tying up the loose ends in that department.

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their shelves

tonight i will highlight the shelves where we display all sorts of bric-a-brac.  (i am very pleased to have used that word in a sentence.)  with room design, i am better at the bigger picture.  my struggle is with small scale vignettes and styling.  i often work and rework a shelf or tabletop over time until it finally feels right.  these shelves finally feel right.

an additional challenge was incorporating all sorts of collected items and cherished whats-its that kiddos tend to gather.  and knowing that these things would be used and handled, i needed to plan for something easily adaptable.

here is a snapshot of what this trio of shelves looked like last month.

their shelves

wooden elephants given to luca from grandma lee. gia's self-portrait framed.  luca's sewn star garland.

their shelves

mason jars full of collected shells and rocks.  garage sale framed art. dolls gifted to gia from grandma cece and tia becky. gia's jewelry box.

their shelves

one of jesse's old spiderman comic books.  garage sale snail bookends spray painted turquoise.  vintage books from my great-grandpa.

their shelves

felt flowers made by jesse for his princessa.  vintage railroad light.  more vintage books from my great-grandfather. gia's first birthday snowglobe.

their shelves

puppet gifted from tia becky's european travels.  rabbit gifted while pregnant with luca from good friends.  luca's first birthday german traveling bear.

their shelves

luca's coin bank (urban outfitters). dragon finger puppet also from tia becky.  shells from our vacation summer '09.  luca's self-portrait framed.

new magnetic chalkboard doors

things are shifted, added, taken down, used and shifted again.  but the overall set-up works well with that.  the large scale items anchor the little collections.  the shelves will always look cluttered, so i have kept the other wall decor simple. 

what about you?  do you like creating vignettes?  does it come naturally?



Peggy said...

Your shelves are wonderful! It acurately represents who your children are now and shows a sense of history!! I do know what you mean though... the small details can be so hard. Brick-a-brack (great word, huh!!) which helps to define us can sometimes also plague us! (This coming from a confirmed packrat!! LOL)

(I so look forward to your posts... they are helping me define my "clutter" and determine what of it really has meaning!)

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