that's why they make them washable

mama, look what i did!
mama, look what i did!

why can't i use markers as lipstick?
why can't i use markers as lipstick?

but i look so pretty
but i look so pretty. . .

i mean, look at me
i mean, look at me.

yeah, it was one of those days.  again.  this may have been at the cute end of the spectrum, but for the most part i was really wiped by their antics.  it's not always like this.  really.  and i will get through it.  really.

i had this brilliant idea today.  maybe instead of just turning back the clocks an hour on sunday, we could turn back the calendar a whole week.  that way i can get a redo.  what do you think?

seriously though, i have a few overdue projects in the works and my normal work times have been stolen away by the more imortant and urgent responsibilities.  i am trying to be okay with that, but i still feel the weight of it all.  a stay-up-late work session might be on the books for tonight.  i have been avoiding one to keep my body healthy, but my mental health is starting to suffer.


Peggy said...

Oh my I remember those days! (By the way, she is precious as all get out!!) Such as when our eldest wrote his letters in marker on the back of the toilet seat. or when the middle decided to peel grandmas wallpaper when he was "taking" a nap. As much as it pains me to admit at times, I now look fondly back on those memories! Yes, a lot of time was spent praying (and still is as now I have teenagers!!!) and biting my tongue and wanting to set the clock back but this too shall pass. In fact all to quickly... Just wanted to let you know that you are doing a GREAT job! Isn't it wonderful when we have a LORD and Saviour to hold us and help us along?!! It will be okay!

Erin said...

Last week I was feeling pretty close to insane myself. I am feeling better now, though.
I hope you get a measure of normalcy back soon!
And, that lipstick does look really good on your daughter!

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