ready for battle (and a trim)

ready for battle 

tomorrow is a new day.  the day i will fight back.  tomorrow better watch out.

as you may have noticed, the last couple weeks have roughed me up.  i was defeated each and every day without fail.  it was not good.

but tomorrow i have a new schedule in hand and some new strategies in mind and i am going to remember that the enemy has already been defeated and he can take a hike.  ya know what i mean?

and i think i need to make another appointment to get these bangs trimmed.  because, whoa, they are poking me in the eyes.  random, i know.

back in a while, crocodile.

ps. we did not win the room for color contest.  but as a friend pointed out, we came in second!  that is really cool.  thanks for your support.  it was (mostly) fun and i am excited to give our local habitat for humanity 15 gallons of paint.


Erin said...

LOVE your blog! I'm adding it to my reading list. :)

Please stop by and say hi sometime at my new photography blog, laylah-and-lior

Blessings, Erin

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