pen pals, parties, and pain

my two new lovely ladies

say hello to my new lovely ladies sitting atop the mantle.  jesse and i found them at goodwill for a couple dollars, complete with russian price tag sticker still on the bottom.  there are several missing in the set, but too sweet to pass up for the low price.  i studied russian for a summer when i was eleven years old.  who does that?  i guess i do.  my favorite part was making our own matryoshka nesting dolls with plastic cups.  we decorated them and everything.  imagine that, the crafty part was memorable.  i wonder if i still have my pen pal letters from moscow.  i totally need to look for them.

our baby turns ONE on sunday.  and i just started working on his "party" tonight.  we have decided to forgo a big celebration this year.  this was a very hard decision for me.  i love planning and throwing parties.  making others, especially my littles, feel special in this way is such a treat.  it is a sign of the times that we felt too overwhelmed for it.  instead we will celebrate with a small lunch on sunday at whatever time suits our mood and with whatever decor i can pull together in this short time.  our tiny party will be grand.

i have a prayer request.  the pain from endometriosis has severely increased this week.  i have had two laparoscopic surgeries to treat this condition in the past, plus a series of estrogen reducing injections (which were horrible).  as the pain returns, further treatment will need to be considered.  i am just asking that you pray for wisdom and peace with the path this takes.  and stamina to deal with the pain.  it has been wiping me out the last few days. 


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