now in the shoppe (EDITED)


gift certificates!  i am offering free shipping and they are eligible for purchase with coupon codes.

i also added two specialty christmas banners this weekend.

joyeux noel in glittery palest blue

joyeux noel banner in glittery palest blue

joyeux noel is glittery winter white

joyeux noel banner in glittery winter white

they are made in sturdy cardstock that glitters and sparkles.  love them!  like i could just keep them and put them up in my house love.  but it is okay if you buy them.  i'll survive. 

shoppe sale continues today.  use coupon code BUYHANDMADE2010 for 10% off all items.

EDIT:  i wanted to let y'all know that i recently created a facebook business page.  it is primarily for the etsy shoppe, but it can also be a place for any facebook using blog readers to connect.  it will be a better way to keep you in the loop on any new listings.  if you are into the whole facebook thing, come check it out.  feel free to share any photos of shoppe items you've purchased or if you have tried one of the blog tutorials. 


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