how to make a simple plush mobile

luca and gia's bedroom

several of you have asked how i made the plush star mobile hanging over luca's bed.  it was so simple to make! (unlike enzo's which was much more of an undertaking)  this won't be a super detailed tutorial, but i can let you know what i did, so you can use the same idea for your own project. 

materials used:
dowel rods
dark brown wood stain
drill with small bit
monofilament fishing line
plush ornaments

in an after-christmas sale in january '05, we found a pack of star ornaments for just a few dollars.  the gorgeous colors just jumped out at me and i loved the embroidery.  right away i knew i would use them for a mobile for our in-progress nursery.

here's how it went down. . .
after staining the dowels darker and letting them dry, we tied them together with twine.  i decided upon a pattern for hanging the stars and jesse then drilled tiny holes in the crossed dowels to correspond with my plan.  i cut the loop off the top of each star (they were ornaments) and sewed a line of monofilament to the top.  i tied the other end of the line through the corresponding drilled hole and adjusted the length. 

that's it.  it cost about $5.  sounds good, right?  and even better: a one night project (aside from the staining and dry time).

stars above

now to make this mobile more custom, you could make your own ornaments.  felt would be super easy to work with and would open up your options for shapes, color, etc.

oh the possibilities.

i really love mobiles.



Becca said...

LOVE this! :-) so cute!!

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