didn't we just start?

ready to collect some dust

do you want to know something ca-razy? we are pretty much done with school until the new year!  i know, i know, you are thinking we just began right?  well, that is the beauty of homeschool.  i make the schedule.  and i have decided we get the whole month of december off.  and this year, we get the last week of november off too. 

the learning of course never ends.  we will be reading and baking and crafting and enjoying all sorts of holiday activities.  but our classical conversations group has ended until january and we will be suspending any formal academic lessons here at home until then too.

i will be taking the next month to get us more organized for the next trimester.  i was hesitant to spend too much time over the summer planning our schedule and setting up the space before we even began.  now i have a better idea of what we want to do and how we want to do it.  so no more excuses, i need to get my act together.

not that i am saying we have it all figured out.  regardless of what i plan, we will still have a lot of adjusting ahead.  this is difficult.  amazing and wonderful, but incredibly difficult.  it has required way more of me than i expected.  i am still coming to terms with the sacrifices that will be made.  i am seeing my selfishness rear its head a lot.  that shouldn't have surprised me, but it did.  i anticipated the physical changes, but not so much these emotional ones.  there is definitely a weight off my shoulders for now and i am going to enjoy that.

for now, i am going to let these books and binders collect a little dust.


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