bits and pieces

  • people who bring you soup when you are having a whole-family-sick-week are amazing.  especially when that person has four littles under the age of four, one of them only 2 months old.  thank you so much kinetta!  it was so tasty.
  • jesse and i wake up to this song almost every morning.  it is set on his iphone for our alarm.  it is so, so good.  and it gently gets our groggy and tired bodies out of bed.  the lyrics sing in my head and out my mouth all morning.  i am reminded of my safe place.  so, so good.

  • over the last 24 hours, we have pulled about even with the other leading team.  voting is still open until monday, so i am thinking it will be a long 5 days. :)  (thank you so much for all your votes and encouragement!)
  • i reopened the shoppe!  from now on i will be taking very few custom orders, due to time constraints. feel free to e-mail me with any questions and i will let you know more details. 
  • i had high hopes for this week.  since i thought we were on the mend monday, i made all of these plans for what we would get accomplished.  this is the bug that never ends. but there is always tomorrow. . .


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