10 pm on a saturday night

um, hi.  been a few days, hasn't it?  it felt like i barely kept the family fed and in clean clothes these last few days, so blogging was kind of out of the question.  usually it is a healthy release for me, but it would have been just another thing to do this week.

lots of things going on.  luca needs a patch for his weak eye (he is not a fan) and family photos were taken (thanks alan!), we went to a barn dance (yeehaw!) and the laundry battle was finally won (jesse and i tag teamed it all morning).  enzo's first birthday is in a week!!!  (how did that happen?)

and those we love had such big life stuff happening.  with a sick little girl in tanzania and a dad needing quadruple bypass surgery and new babies being welcomed.  wow.  my heart is stretched.

for us, the big stuff included the two year anniversary of saying good-bye to harehok.  i am a bit out of sorts and working through some of that as well.

but i just want to say hello to the new friends stopping by.  and the old ones too.  you are all so loved.  do you know that?  you really are.  and i am not the only one who feels that way.  i can't even begin to understand or explain how much God loves you.  HE LOVES US!  and we need that love.  desperately and completely.



Grant said...

Thank you so much for your caring heart, Annalea. My dad is doing better and we'll be going to see him today. We love you and appreciate you and will be praying for you always.

Roxanne said...

It is MY little sick girl in Tz right? That would be hilarious if there was another. Thank you for yoru thoughts and prayers...she is MUCH better!! Love you dear friend!

annalea said...

love you both. so very glad things are looking better for both of your families.

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