luca spent a gleeful hour at the ymca today.  he is joining bud isaiah for a tumbling class each week.  his summary of this first day,
it was fun.
yay!  i was merely shooting for okay, but fun is great.  fun is fantastic.  fun makes me very happy.

about a year and half ago, we learned the boy was not a big fan of team sports.  since then we have held back on any outside activities.  no big deal.  but i do want him to try new things and have an outlet for all that 5 year old boy energy.  i think this will be excellent experience for him.



Siem said...

Hi Annalea,

It's nice to be your 200th follower!!
I was searching for some 'green-room-inspiration' and found this picture of the lovely green room you made.I will be visiting your inspiring blog more often now.

Bye from Siem
The Netherlands

Peggy said...

OH how fun! Our eldest was in gymnastic for a while prior to our move to Alaska (we are in Indiana now, for the past 7 months!) He absolutely loved it. We gave him time when he was younger to explore different opportunities. At 16 he now loves team sports! He is in football, wrestling, and track. Our middle son is in marching band (and begging for a marimba!)

Keep up the good work! You are doing a mighty thing by training them up to strong in the Lord!

Shanny Bananny said...

My youngest brother was not a team sports kind of kid and had ENERGY galore. I put him in gymnastics at the Y too. Now he is a professional acrobat! Hope your guy has fun!

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