signs of autumn

signs of autumn (wreath)

well, i am just moving from one thing to the next these days without much rest.  not so good long term, but some weeks fill up fuller than others, right?  i just keep the next deadline in sight and feel a little lighter when it passes.  and i remember that this is not the norm.  only a couple days until the weekend though.  yay!  i am so ready for it.  so ready. 

the kiddos will hopefully start feeling better by then.  (oh, did i mention they are sick?  yep.  they are. complete with middle of the night wake-ups and cranky days.)  my parents have been super helpful this week.  it is so nice having them close now.

anyways, i have been slowly adding signs of autumn to the casita.  would you like to take a peek?

signs of autumn (harvest)

signs of autumn (apples)

signs of autumn (garlands)

signs of autumn (mums)

signs of autumn (soda crate)

(this is the fun find i mentioned in this post.  a vintage soda crate in awesome colors.  i love it!!!!)

signs of autumn (basket)

signs of autumn (mint)

signs of autumn (gourds)

i may even snap a few full room shots soon.  the mantle looks so pretty.

are you nesting for fall?


Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

i love seeing snap shots of your home!
you have such great style!!

Whittaker Woman said...

Loving the Stuff Christians like book. I am sitting in bed reading through my reader after having a gathering at my casa tonight. I was in my "craft" section in my reader when I saw your post and chuckled as Jon was one of our guests tonight.

Lora said...

awesome photos! you have such a gift with decorating. and I LOVE what you did with the fabric you got from my shop! it looks amazing framed!! do you mind if i blog about what you did and include a link to your blog? let me know...

Anne said...

your home seems so cozy, I'd like to invite myself over sometimes! Been following for a while, but wanted to drop a note saying how much I appreciate all your posts, and your creativity! So many wonderful ideas here! keep up the good work :)

Conny said...

We have not started to bring autumn into the house yet, but your post is surely an inspiration to begin. Just thought I'd drop a note here to say hello, since I don't comment often. Have a great week. Cheers~

Sanja said...

Lijep jesenski ugođaj...bundeve, cvijeće, korpica s jabukama, sve je lijepo, a posebno je lijep jesenski vijenac!
Lijep pozdrav :)))

Elise said...

I LOVE it ALL!!! So pretty!!

Laura said...

I really like the creative idea of scrabble tiles for decor. How cool!!

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