recipe for a fall afternoon

recipe for a fall afternoon

  • leaves of all shapes and sizes
  • crayons of many colors
  • paper, preferably white
combine together on the front porch with plenty of sunshine.  add two littles with a love for coloring.

recipe for a fall afternoon

please note:
11 month old babies like to dump out bins of crayons.  
take caution with these enticing choking hazards.


AndiMae said...

Dear Annalea,

I stumbled upon your sweet little blog a couple of days for the very first time and I cannot even begin to tell you what an encouragement it/you have been to me! I started reading and found that I couldn't stop. I just love your heart so much. The passion you have for your little family + for the Lord are so inspiring, not to mention the beautiful creativity you have in decorating your home + your projects. I too have just started my first year of "officially" homeschooling, so it was fun to read your thoughts on that as well. I will definitely be back to visit your lovely little space again!

Hope you are having a wonderful week!
xo Andi

P.S. Oh, and we love leaf rubbing with crayons over here too! :)

Jill said...

a perfect "recipe"!

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