october is still my favorite

trick or treat

hurray!  the kiddos were able to do a little neighborhood trick or treating this evening.  luca was feeling great from the start of the day and gia took a four hour nap this afternoon and woke up super refreshed.  they were eager to don their costumes and eat some candy.  we held back on the candy (well, there may have been a piece or two snuck in at the end) because we knew their bellies were still pretty sensitive.  more to enjoy later, right? but the costume part sounded like a good idea.  we were not up for any hip-hop-a-halloween parties (happy birthday salem and cora!), but simple costume wearing we could handle.

their papi is a rockstar for taking them out after a night of being sick himself.  i was stuck home with the mama version of the flu.  my aches and chills are thankfully beginning to subside.  jesse is staying home tomorrow so we can all properly recover for one more day.  oh to all be healthy again.

oh and gia's costume?  after rinsing it out thoroughly last night and soaking it this morning in baking soda and detergent, we were able to wash out most of the stains.  this was such a relief.  she had no idea of my drama from last night.  i still need to take proper photos of each of them, but here is a sweet shot jesse snapped tonight.  i am guessing there were no other pygmy marmosets or dalmatian ballerinas in town. 

and thank you for all the kind comments from the last couple posts.  i so appreciate your words and encouragement.

can you believe tomorrow is november first?  insert typical "time flies" comment here.  even though these last days were rough, i still love you october.  until next year . . .


Jennifer said...

i bet it was fun. wish we had seen you at our house!

Mollie. said...

Too sweet! I'm so glad that they didn't miss out on the fun...

Peggy said...

Oh I am so glad everyone is feeling much better! The ballerina dalmation is such a great idea!! I stayed off the computer this weekend as we had a band state finals. Yeah we were 6th out of 10 at marching band state finals which means they were 6th out of the 85 Class D marching bands state wide! (and our percussion section is 2nd in the state for our division!!) I am so proud of my boy! (however now he wants a marimba even more... ha ha!)
I'll praying that you ALL are back to full strenght quickly!

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