new bangs

new bangs

my hair wasn't working for me.  i almost never wore it down.  and it looked kinda blah in a ponytail or bun.  my solution: bangs.  aren't they great?  i love my new stylist.  if you need a chambana referral, let me know.


Erin said...

Love! I just got bangs cut, too. First bangs i about 17 years for me.

Roxanne said...

very cute girl, and yoru house looks beautiful, makes we want to drink hot cider :)

Lora said...

so cute! you look great!!

mstalcup said...

They look great! I have bangs too, and love them. I love that they hide the wrinkles on my forehead.... ha!

Very cute - you wear them well.

kirstin & jordan said...

SO cute... love them!

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