normal life resuming

it will be a few days (probably next week) before i get to posting about our trip.  i haven't even started sorting or editing pictures.  before that can happen, i need to get us back into a homeschooling rhythm, work on halloween costumes, and finish up the last bit of unpacking.  this will be a full and fun week!  but keep an eye out for other posts on daily life and craftiness.

texas in october

but i couldn't resist sharing this cute shot that caught my eye during uploading.  i might not be a fan of high 80 degree temps in october, but a big benefit is swimming in the backyard pool every afternoon.

(oh and there is only five more days to favorite our living room in the room for color contest at apartment therapy.  we are about ten votes from first place in the northern division!)


Heather said...

OMG enzo is adorable!! That's the cutest pic! I'm excited to hear all about your trip tomorrow!

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