how to make a quick and easy tutu


the first part of gia's costume was finished yesterday.  i made her a tutu back in 2007 for her first halloween costume and it has been well loved over the last few years.  but the creating of it was kinda difficult.  since a new tutu was needed for this year's costume, i was in search of a quicker and easier method.  i wish someone had shown me this method then.  it is seriously simple.


materials used:
two yards of tulle

i started by measuring the elastic around her waist and cut the needed length.  the ends were simply zigzag stitched together.  i cut the two yards of tulle into twelve 6" strips.  the fabric came 54" wide.  i folded it in half and cut and then folded these in half and cut again.  this gave me 48 strips 6" wide and 13.5" long.  does that make sense? 

i found a round bin to slip the elastic onto and tied the strips on.  here is how:


1. fold each strip in half and slip the loop under the elastic.

2. pull the ends up through the loop.

3. pull the ends down snug.

4.  push the knots together.

and voila!  one quick and easy tutu made to order.


(note:  i think i will add another yard or so of tulle.  as she has pulled it on and off, the white elastic has begun to peek through the red.  i used about 20 inches of elastic, so plan accordingly for your project.)


you'll never guess what this will end up being.

the littles had incredibly specific requests this year.  more to come. . .


thelittlelist said...

oh, I do love the simplicity of this. I've been wanting to make one but haven't been sure how to begin. What fun!

Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

she is seriously ca-ute in her new tutu!! i love this easy peasy tutorial, too. so glad you shared it with us. have a happy day!

Anna said...

too cute, I think I'll be making a couple of last minute princess type costumes which will definitely have to involve tulle. :) said...

I can't believe how easy this was to make, and it looks fantastic! I've been wanting tutus as photo props for a while and could never bring myself to pay the high prices for one so now I can have one whenever I want!

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