how to make city art

his art (a year in the making)

since luca has few constant favorites when it comes to colors, animals, or toys, we had a difficult time deciding what artwork to make for the wall over his bed. then the idea of a skyline came to mind.  it was one of those mini-brilliant moments.  you see, luca loves being in a city.  when we drive into one - big or small - he grins and stretches his little neck up to look at buildings.  sidewalks full of people make him happy.  even the traffic is a highlight -all of the cars and buses zooming by.  he loves the entire atmosphere.

i thought i would share how we made his city art (as seen in the room tour).

(using supplies from the stash = no cost.  my favorite kind of project.)

materials used:
blue craft paint and paint brush
2 canvas boards old road maps
paper trimmer
black sharpie
mod podge

first luca painted the canvas boards with two coats of the blue craft paint..  while they were drying, he cut varying sized rectangles from old maps on which he drew windows and doors.  there was a lot of creative license here - many buildings have oddly shaped windows and are oddly proportionate.  but this is what gives the art his personal touch.


we then glued the rectangles onto the boards with mod podge.  pretty self-explanatory, right?


 we initally planned on one layer of buildings, but decided a second row was needed.  i love the staggered heights and different widths.

attack of the giant chipmunk

when it dried, we screwed the boards to his bedroom wall.

low enough that he can play attack of the giant squirrel of course.

his art (a year in the making)

this piece really completes luca's corner.  i love the pop of blue on the wall.

i should mention that we began working on the city art last winter.  it shouldn't have taken this long to complete, but we just kept putting it to the side.  so getting this finished and hung was cause for major happiness at casa hart.

and this is proof, once again, that you don't need to spend lots of money and that you can let the littles do it themselves.


naskren said...

when you were describing how Luca feels about being in a city, it felt like you were describing me! and I absolutely LOVE his heart. gonna have to use this inspiration to do something similar with old maps...

Brina said...

That is such cool artwork! My fiancé has been trying to get me to let him make a "light box" type of cityscape ever since we moved into our apartment in January. ...Maybe I should let him. It could end up pretty cool like yours.

amy D said...

oh i just love this! it's fantastic!!

Lora said...

that's a great idea!

Jill said...

Love it!!!- perfect- just perfect!

4 Little Men and Girly Twins said...

oh I love this idea! Thanks for sharing!


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