the firefighter doggie ballerina

the firefighter dalmatian ballerina 

her costume turned out so great.  so great.

the one and only of its kind.  she couldn't decide if she would rather be a doggie or a ballerina, so we went with both.  because, why not?  i am so proud of it.  made to be worn for years.  

and it is probably ruined right now.

gia got violently ill in the van tonight and lets just say i am not sure you can wash out that much sickness.  yuck, yuck, yuck.

poor sweet girl was so sad and sick and miserable and i am not looking forward to showing her the costume tomorrow.  her little heart will be crushed.  and i am so not ready to remake it.  at least not tonight. 

our family will be under quarantine tomorrow.  i forgot to mention that luca was sick all last night and this morning (he seems to be on the mend now - just really tired - but who knows).  and jesse just curled up in bed with his own version of this flu.  no trick or treating or pumpkin carving.  no cookie baking or costume birthday party attending.

i know this is not horrible or tragic.  but i am sad.  i want to curl up myself and have a good cry.  wow, this blog is sure getting its workout of my rollercoastering emotions this week.

i hope you have a sweet sunday full of love and joy and togetherness.



thelittlelist said...

Bless your hearts! Perhaps this will be one of those memories that EVENTUALLY produces laughter...but not tonight. Sending warm wishes for peaceful rest and mended little ones when the sun comes up.

jeana said...

I'm so sorry! I will keep you all in my prayers today.You really did such a great job with the looks adorable! I found you blog last night, and I just love it!

Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

oh no! i hope you are all on the mend soon and that the sickness washes away easier then you thought.
take care!!

Randi said...

I'm so sorry ... we've had sick kids on Christmas before and it's so hard to give up all the ideas of traditional fun. I hope you all are on the mend soon.

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