celebrating fall with the homeschool village

freshly pulled

dirt is crusted under her fingernails.  pink shoes and mismatched socks are soggy from the hose.  sweaty curls are tangled.  but all of that pales in comparison with her achievement.  my girl pulled and cleaned a snack from the garden.  all by herself.  wow.

to read more about one way the hart family celebrates fall, visit the homeschool village for my debut as one of their guest contributors. 


Kaylin Keres said...

hey annalea!

did you know you were featured on the MADE sewing blog yesterday??? (dana-made-it.com)

I was scrolling down her post and was like "...uh, I've sat in that room before...!" haha, so cool!

sorry we couldn't meet up last time we were in Champaign. jake and hosanna were sick so that made the trip fly by even quicker than it already was. hope you and the fam are doing well:)


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