captions anyone?

during our weekly homeschool group, each child gives a class presentation.  this has been luca's favorite part so far.  he brings note card prompts to help him remember.  below is a series of cards from a couple weeks ago.

anyone want to try their hand at captioning them?

(note: #7 is a bit blurry, but i can't find the card to reshoot it.  sorry!)

captions anyone? 1

captions anyone? 2

captions anyone? 3


captions anyone? 5



captions anyone? 8


captions anyone? 10

i will post luca's words on monday.


Peggy said...

OH how sweet! Is one of your families originally from Cuba? One of Spanish professors at the DLI at the Presidio of Monterey was originally from Cuba. He came over here in the 50's to play college baseball and just didn't bother to return. (he was supposed to but well...)

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