the bigger picture (in bullet points)

yesterday i showed y'all some detail shots.  (thanks for all the kind words about them.)  today i give you the bigger picture.

we painted the trim (and we love it!)

  • we painted the trim downstairs. (well we actually still have the foyer to finish, but the big spaces are done)  i think it looks fantastic.  much more us.  the space is fresher and brighter.
  • my house never looks this clean.  it would be nice if it did, but that is not reality.  
  • these green chairs (which we found on freecycle, baby!) are on wheels.  so you never know where you will find them.  the kiddos roll them all over the place.  they are not the best for a cruising 10 month old.

living room (october '10)

  • this is my favorite part of the newly painted trim.  the brick looks so much better.  we also removed the glass double doors from each bookshelf case.  not too safe for the above mentioned cruising 10 month old who is training for toy-on-object-banging in the baby olympics.  
  • i still haven't started on that lamp update.
  • which is okay because i had a mini-meltdown last weekend about all of the stuff i had/have going on.  so letting go of things like fun but unnecessary lamp updates is not a big deal.  

simplified fall mantle

  • my friend lora has a great etsy shop.  i snagged this gorgeous floral print vintage fabric a few weeks ago.  i thought this wall needed a little green/blue, so i stuck it in a frame until further notice. love it!
  • the branches with orange berries are from my parent's front yard.  i offered to help prune the tree (but really just wanted these).
  • we have so many apples after our weekend trip to the orchard.  it smells like a cider press in here.  yum.
  • during my mini-meltdown, i realized something huge.  i need to make a few changes.  i added this new responsibility to my life once we began homeschooling.  the demand on my time, energy, and emotions is huge.  but i did not give anything up.  i felt pretty balanced before we started, but now i am overwhelmed.  the meltdown really helped me understand that.  i am evaluating what can stay and what needs to go.  no major conclusions yet, but i feel so much better just pinpointing the source of my anxiety.
  • one result was choosing a more simplified fall decor.  for me, this mantle is simple yet beautiful.
pretty fall vignette

  • the anthropologie embroidered calender was found by mom years and years ago.  it hung in gia's nursery at the old place.  i think it finally found its place at this house.

dining room (october '10)

  • remember this photo.  how has it been 10 months already?
  • and my ravens are back.

it's never this clean

  • the house was so clean because someone other than me came over to take photos of it this morning.  that was weird.  super fun, but weird.  i also had to give an interview.  and i talked a lot.  i kept thinking, "i should stop now."  but i kept on talking.  
  • we are outgrowing our dining room table.  i would love a long farmhouse table, but it will be a while before the budget allows.  unless someone wants to freecycle one.  that would be cool.  
  • i can't believe tomorrow is friday.  the weeks fly by.
  • i am so thankful for this home.
okay, done with the bullets. and done with the blogging.  time for the sleeping.  goodnight all!


nicole said...

is it ok if i have a wee bit of envy? your home looks so inviting and homey and lovely and so on. i wish i lived nearby so i could stop by with a latte and sit on one of your green chairs!

Cutzi said...

I second what Nicole said above - it looks so cheery! My home is more beige and neutral and sometimes I just wish for more color. Anyway, that's not why I am commenting.

Have you seen Knock-Off Wood? (you can google it) Not that you need any more projects, as you mentioned, but they have a great farmhouse table plan - simple and inexpensive.

Lora said...

wow. your house is absolutely beautiful. i wish i had your talent for decorating! it looks so amazing. and thanks for mentioning me and my shop. the fabric looks so beautiful framed on your mantle. i will be blogging about what you did soon - and linking to your shop! maybe you'll get a sale or two... you never know.
thanks, friend

Heather said...

LOVE your home …. so cheerful … great colors!!

Peggy said...

You have a truly lovely home which seems to reflect you quite well! When we were homeschooling I found the very same thing. (I must admit we jumped in with 3 already in elementary so it was quite the change especially since we had just moved over 4000 miles away from home. We've moved once again not quite 4000 miles are now in public school but that's another story...)

However your pictures have given me inspiration! I just posted pictures of our "finished" decorating/move in but now see unfinished projects. LOL! (would you mind if I enlarged the picture of your calender and made one myself? That is just what i've been looking for!!)

Enjoy the journey of homeschooling your children! It is a delightful journey!!

mstalcup said...

Love love love it! Looks great, so inviting.

Erin said...

Oooooo. I love it.
I was checking out your flickr pics the other day of your puddling green curtains, too. So inspiring. We need a curtain re-vamp around here.
That embroidered calendar is so super gorgeous.
I love your windows, too.
We are just starting homeschooling, too! But, I think my kids are younger. It's easier to start getting your feet wet with just preschool. :)

Emily said...

Your house is so cute, I can hardly stand it! Love it.

Amy said...

Just linked here from Lora's site. Love your style!

Small world... About a year ago, I saved your photo on a flicker group of your birds on a branch because I was making one for my daughters bedroom... and now here I am at your blog. Very cool.

Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

i'm so glad you shared more with us. thank you! your home and your style are so refreshing. i love the vintage mixed with a little earthiness. it feels warm, inviting, and completely creative. just like i'd imagine you to be. :)

dana said...

oh i LOVE your house! I want to live there! I'm adding it to my yellow roundup today :)!
- dana

Amy @ Increasingly Domestic said...

Hi! Your home is lovely and I have to BEG you to give me the name of the yellow paint that you used! I think that color would look perfect in my livingroom which is now dark wood paneling from the 70's. Please help me! :) Finding just the right yellow is quite difficult. Thank you so much!!!

Fab said...

Gorgeous colorful house!!

Jessica said...

love the colors!!!

Emily said...

Your home is gorgeous! I love the yellow!

Jean said...

I saw your house on Dana's site and I love it! It looks so peaceful and truly a place that is inviting for family gatherings, etc. I would love to see how it is decorated for Christmas. I am adding you to my favorites! Jean

Jen@FIRR-Kids! said...

I came over from Made. Your house is just amazing. Yellow has never been my color, but I can tell it works for you beautifully. My very favorite houses are those where the inhabitants' personalities shine through.

I'm going to read more of your entries now. I would love to see a closer photo of that bird art in your dining room. I'm hoping an older entry features it.

Love your house!

the3125 said...

I came over from MADE and I about fell off my chair. This is the same vision I have for when we have our own space to decorate. Love the colors! i'm posting a link on my blog about it!

the3125 said...

I came over from MADE and I about fell off my chair. This is the same vision I have for when we have our own space to decorate. Love the colors! i'm posting a link on my blog about it!

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