a weekend of awesome

the title says it all.  (but for those who want details. . .)


i played photographer for someone else's family.  it was super awesome.

skipping garden fairy

rescuing our yard

we rescued our yard with lots of help from friends and family (and i have the blisters to prove it).  more on that tomorrow.  (but this was the most awesome of a weekend of awesome)

the best peanut butter cookies ever

these are the best peanut butter cookies ever.  seriously.  i could eat them all day.  except that would not so awesome in the long run.  (quick note: i use all butter and no shortening for the same results.)
church and the crash-the-pastor's party saturday night were awesome.  God is at work on this campus and community.

go illini

we cheered on two football teams and they both won.  if i was a *real* sports fan, this would have been fantastically awesome.  but i am just a highly spirited person who is bored easily with televised sports, but, still, pretty awesome.

freshly picked

freshly pulled

and we ate lots and lots of goodies from the potager while in the potager.  doesn't get much more awesome. 

how about you?  any awesome in your weekend?

(one thing about a weekend of awesome?  a not so awesome headache to end it.  uggh.  praying it goes away before homeschool group tomorrow.)


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