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today we took luca for his first eye exam.  even with the family history, we were surprised at the news.  our little guy has pretty bad eyesight. . . in one eye.  due to a child's exceptional ability to compensate for poor vision in one eye with better vision in the other, this was unexpected.  he has never shown any signs.  he has a slight astigmatism and might even need to wear a patch for awhile.  it will be a hard transition for him.  headaches are likely with this type of prescription.  (yuck.)  and making a boy his age keep glasses on full time will be a challenge.  (um, this is probably a major understatement.)

so starting next week, these eyes will be behind lenses.  i am sad.  (which is kinda weird.)  i think he will look adorable in glasses, but i will miss the luca i have looked at for five and a half years.

oh and can we just talk about how expensive this is going to be.  goodness.

(talk about a rough day for luca - after finding out he needs to wear glasses for the rest of his life, he threw up twice in the lobby of the doctor's office and has been super sick since.  jesse is tending to him as i type. poor boy.) 


Lora said...

praying for your sweet brown-eyed boy

Ann Boyd said...

Hi Annalea,

My 4-year-old daughter Lucy just got glasses this summer, maybe for a similar vision problem (amblyopia?). I was pretty worried about having to convince my strong-willed girl that she'll need to wear them all the time, but it actually turned out much better than I expected.

One thing that helped was buying two pairs of glasses. I know, the expense was insane, but it was empowering for her to have a choice of which frames she wanted to wear. And it also ended up being practical when her favored pair broke during our vacation and she needed a back-up.

But I know what you mean about feeling sad. I still feel sad when I see pre-glasses pictures -- it just seems like such a big responsibility for someone so young. But Lucy is really enjoying them. Just tonight, she was having a snuggle with her Papa and she said, "Y'know, I have the coolest glasses in the whole world." :) We've been working hard to be really positive about how Lucy "gets" to wear glasses, and I think it has worked. In fact, her younger sister is a little envious.

I wrote a post about this awhile ago, if you'd like to take a peek:

And I hope Luca is feeling better, too! Blessings to you all.


lovestitches said...

Yes, I absolutely vote for 2 pairs of glasses. Accidents happen and theres nothing worse than having to go back to blurry vision while they get mended after somebody sits on their glasses...ahem.
I bet you'll be surprised at how well he adjusts. He'll probably find his vision so much better that he wont mind them. I had an eyepatch as a kid and it sucked (a big advantage of homeschool is he avoids the teasing!) but way better than risking a lazy eye.

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