oh the fun we'll have with these

new magnets

i was asked to reveal the results of my weekend project.  here you go.

a few coats of magnetic primer + a coat of chalkboard paint = magnetic chalkboard doors

new magnetic chalkboard doors

new magnetic chalkboard doors

i bought the wood letters at the dollar tree.   i could not find alphabet magnets anywhere else in town.  but i actually love these.  and they are super lightweight, which is nice, since anything too heavy does not stay up.  i think maybe more coats of primer would have helped, but i was ready to be done after three. 

playing dress-up

playing dress-up

gia already had the magnetic dress-up doll and clothes set.  this is totally her favorite part. 

roadtrip coming up

we started collecting the states last year on road trips.  we are only allowed to collect where one of us travels.  we will gather a few more on our upcoming road trip to texas.

i am so glad we took the time to see this through (it has been on the general to-do list for awhile).  we have finally put some finishing touches on their room in the last week.  it looks so good.

deja vu of last september, when this project was in the works.


Chrissie Grace said...

Love it!

Roxanne said...

those are awesome!! So creative and fun! Love it!

contented sparrow said...

so cute! and growing up, my family collected state magnets, too! it was always fun picking them out. yours are the same exact kind we had.....feelin' nostalgic here. one more thing, i LOVE the oil cloth-lined yellow bedside table!
have a great day, megan

Jill said...

So fun!! a great combination!

{Amy} said...

found you from Blessed Little Nest. love that green color in the kid's bedroom. i am trying to decide on a paint color for my kitchen and i am loving this green! i saw your illinois magnets and had to see where you are from...i am not far from you. can't wait to check out more of your blog!

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