homeschooling interview with kelsey

i will be posting a series of interviews this week. as part of the journey to becoming official homeschoolers, i have been seeking the wisdom of veterans. those families who have chosen to take on the responsibility of educating their littles. there is so much good advice out there! i thought it would be neat to share what they had to say. check out my interviews with kim and lea.

schoolroom reminders

i had the opportunity to catch up with my good friend kelsey last week.  we were both part of a church planting team in 2001 and lived in close community for over six years.  our families ended up moving away from that church and city within a week of a each other.  we miss them dearly, but are immensely thankful for that time spent together.  while on the phone, i asked her if she had time to answer some homeschooling questions over e-mail.  even though it was the eve of their first day of school, she not only agreed, but then answered my e-mail within 24 hours.  she's pretty awesome.  and since she is one those friends who *really* knows and gets me, her words on the phone and in the e-mail, spoke to my soul.  i would love to share them with y'all.

kelsey and joe have four kiddos ranging in age from 1.5 to almost 10.  they have been homeschooling from the start with their oldest.  this year they are adding their third little to the mix.  (her name is annalia.  great name, right?)  here are a few of her thoughts. . .

why have you chosen a home based education?
to train our kids in character, to train their attitudes, to shape their worldview
what is the best advice you have received about homeschooling?  what are your favorite tools/supplies for teaching?
when it is hard - which for me has mostly just been the training part not as much the education part - i try to remember homeschool is an opportunity to train my kids, if i don't take the time to train their character throughout the math lesson, i'll need to do it some other time - so what am i waiting for?!?!
what are your favorite tools/supplies for teaching?
ready made curriculums - sonlight esp. 3rd and 4th grade.  it's already thought through and good.  
a good art book - the kids love it. 
lots of rulers - we're always needing one and losing them all!  
sonlight readers and read aloud books - awesome choices, great books!
any final thoughts?
i'm excited for you.  my main tension is trying not to just "get it done" - i try not to act like that, when i do school isn't as good.  i'm trying to enjoy it, enjoy learning with them, reading with them, being with them.  it's a gift.
schoolroom reminders

i was in need of these thoughts this morning.  the last two days have been eye-opening.  like, wow, i guess it really is not about just teaching reading and math right now.  more like getting my child to sit still and listen to me for 3 minutes without whining, ear-covering, under the table hiding, or, better yet, undressing (don't ask).  and even more important for me to do it without voice-raising, teeth-grinding, or heart-hardening at this sweet child.  we are training him, but he is teaching me.  my goal is not to just *get it done*.  because a smarty-pants boy with an unkind spirit or no self-control is a scary thought.  (isn't that line *what am i waiting for* awesome!?!)  and this mama has a lot of learning to still do as well.

i am embracing the gift of togetherness.  even if togetherness is kinda messy.  thanks kelsey for that reminder. 

photos:  reminders hanging about our *schoolroom*


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love this;) Miss you guys and the Testas too! Thanks for doing these interviews and inspiring us aspiring mamas:)

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