guess that color (or how to make eating carrots more fun)

guess that color

we have it fairly easy when it comes to feeding our kiddos goodies from the potager.  they are basically little rabbits.  but even then, growing carrots that are not orange ranks high on the hart family excitement scale.  i ran out to the overgrown jungle that has replaced our garden and pulled a handful of carrots this afternoon.

guess that color

a little stumpy, but cute.  we have included "add a ton more soil to the raised beds" for next spring's to-do list.  i think it will help the carrots growth.

guess that color

so, what color do you think purple carrots are inside?  we had never had one before, so we played a game.  we brainstormed the three most likely colors.  then each of us picked one.  (jesse picked purple.)

guess that color

then the unveiling.  what would it be?  the excitement was building.  children were giggling with anticipation.

guess that color


guess that color

it is. . .yellow?  huh.  yes there is some green, but really we all basically agreed it was yellow.  which was hilarious to my little ones.  absolutely hilarious. 

guess that color

guess that color

okay.  yellow.  super tasty purple and yellow (with a bit green) carrots.  yum. 

Inadvertent Farmer


nicole said...

i love purple carrots and yellow ones too.

Lora said...

those are so pretty! i've never seen carrots like that before. doesn't God have a wonderful imagination?! :)

Cathryn said...

Great post! I like the perspective in the last two photos. Like potatoes, my carrots are green on top if they are above the dirt-line and get "sun-greened". Green potatoes are poisonous and I wonder about green carrots. Not 'kill you' poisonous but 'kinda give you a tummy-ache' poisonous. I cut that part off.

Happy harvesting!

misskatiez said...

i was watching good eats the other night and the featured food was carrots...and your purple carrots? that's the way they were way back when! you got yourself a bit o tasty history in that potager! :)

The author said...

Such fun getting to guess the color inside a funky colored carrot! One of these days I hope to grow a rainbow of colored carrots.

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