funkiness, dreaming and a prayer

this funk is making my funk funkier
does that make sense?

i am in a funk.  that puts me in a funk.  therefore, i am funkier by the minute.  uggh.  it is making my skin crawl.

i want to quit reliving yesterday or stressing about tomorrow.  i want to be in today.  in the right now.  tomorrow will worry about itself.

but first i need to shake this funk.  and since i am in so much pain (yay fibromyalgia!), i will do that by dreaming up some diy projects.

$7 thrifted lamp

$4 thirfted lamp

this summer, i found two lamps on separate thrifting trips.  $11 total for both.  we did not have lamps in our living room before, so anything is an improvement.  but they will be revamped.  for now i am still dreaming up their futures.

this corner needs help

and then there is this corner.  it has yet to feel right.  the problem is i dream of a piano in lieu of this dresser.  so i hesitate to do anything and end up ignoring it.  i need to get over it.  i need to find a way to make it work for now.  or maybe i will just stay busy with everything else and come back to it in the spring.  (because our christmas tree will need this space in two and half months.)  hmmmmm. . .

actually i think i will pick up my bible and read some truth.  i will pray that God helps me engage in the now moments.  i will ask for renewed strength.  i will ask for humility and perspective and grace.  that sounds about right.

xoxo and goodnight,

what do you do when you are in a funk?  


Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

when i'm in a funk i do the same thing i did when we were in the midst of samuel's life...i literally take life one minute at a time. i tell myself i only need to get through the next 60 seconds and let God take care of the rest. and ya know, He does and i'm able to keep going minute by minute until i don't even notice it anymore.

i hope your funk flies away soon!!

Peeper said...

Dude. I get it. I get the funk. I'm normally pretty good at out-running the funk - making a short list of things I'm grateful for today helps a lot. Tell your funk to take a hike. Tomorrow is a brand new day :)

The Wooden Spool said...

Hey Anna!
Here are some awesome lampshade revamp ideas I am in love with! Funny you mentioned this on your post, as I am in a funk as what to do with our ugly not so pretty lampshade! Here are some ideas I got from here:

and one more, I think this is my favorite of them all! I'm off to get started on my new shade!

Have a wonderful day!

Kimberly Martin-Boyd said...

When you find your way out of the funk please drive over to Normal and pick me up. I have been in one since before school started, lots of change (which I don't like) and lots going on.
Also, waiting to hear if you have a comment on my sermon post this week.....

Sallie Kate said...

I found you on OhDeeDoh. What a blessing! I'm encouraged by your heart to live out and share your faith in Jesus, thrilled to read about your cute kid adventures and the way you homeschool, and I'm loving your thrifty creativity and cozy home.
You might see me around here more often ;)
Sallie Kate

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