forest & flowers fort

forest & flowers fort

monday mornings are for homeschool group.  good, but long hours for me and my three.  the afternoon requires slowness, away from crowds or lessons.  a time for quiet and mama-made forts to hide from the world.

enter our forest of tall towering trees.  down the the path a bit you will find a field of fragrant flowers. 

come and see.

forest & flowers fort

the forest is much quieter than a classroom of new friends.  

forest & flowers fort

a pair of explorers

forest & flowers fort

not sure miss gia is a fan of this invasion.

(she is having some adjustment issues with the more curious and involved version of enzo-brother.)

starry lights


forest & flowers fort

forest & flowers fort

time for tea

stars above

forest & flowers fort

and the quiet and calm only lasts so long.

it's a bird!  it's a plane!  it's (luca wearing a) superman (shirt)!

thanks for visiting our forest.  won't you take home a bouquet of flowers?


Lora said...

you're SUCH a good mom!!!

ella@lifeologia said...

So sweet ;)
Looks like the coolest place to hang out ;)


danielle said...

i love this!

especially the star gazing :)

giveaway today @

Jenn said...

We meet with our homeschool group on Mondays too. This past Monday morning was our first time (I have twin 5 year olds), and we abandoned our regular plans for Monday afternoon... we were all just too tired. So, instead, we spread a blanket outside and had a book picnic - delightful!

I love all of your ideas! Thanks for sharing!

Kristina said...

Lovely home!!! Could you please share some details as to how you made the star mobile (not the light-up one, the other one)? I have been scouring the internet trying to find an idea for one to make for my baby due in December, and when I saw this I thought: YES! Any tips would be appreciated! (For instance, are they felt? Did you sew the edges on a sewing machine, or hand-sewn?)

Sharyn Robinsky Huse said...

i have the star gazer also...where do you find replacement bulbs? any ideas?

Abigail said...

I really like that light-up star mobile (it's all over pinterest, btw). Do you perhaps remember where you purchased it?

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