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thankful banner

so i actually put up a new listing. crazy, right? i mean, when did i find the time for this?

well i actually made the banner this summer in anticipation for fall. but then i forgot about it. i think the honeymoon period with my shoppe ended in august and i am now regaining some excitement about it. maybe when one of my items made etsy finds last week. that was exciting. i had several new orders and lots of traffic. that was pretty cool. i caught up last night with those orders and now i am all "i heart my etsy shoppe" again.

oh and there are now 150 of you following this blog (at least officially).  that is. . . unexpected.  thanks for reading.  please stop and say hi if you can.  i love hearing from you, even if i don't always get a chance to write back.  i am trying to get better about that.  but for now, consider this a massive shout out to y'all!



contented sparrow said...

good morning! glad you got your shop love back! i have idea after idea swimming through my head but struggle prioritizing the time to actually flesh those out. off the plan school before the littles wake up! have a great day, megan

amy D said... your shop, girl! your wreaths are just to die for :)

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