chasing the funk out of here

chasing the funk out of here

so to be honest, i am still feeling weird.  general blah-ness.

but i am just going to keep on doing what i am doing and maybe i can shoo it out the front door.  or the back.  i am not picky like that.

it means i will play with kiddos and clean house and read a book and run errands and take care of a sick baby and hang with jesse and plan out lessons.  even if i am *in a mood*.

i mean the alternative is not so appealing.  i am not hosting a pity party 'round here.  and i am going to let me dad play me the world's smallest violin if he catches me moping.  nope.  not happening.

plus then i will have more to catch-up on when this funk has been chased away.

praying we all have joy-filled weekends regardless of our moods.

because, unlike our fickle happiness, our joy is not circumstantial.


Mollie. said...

I just need to say, I think you're awesome, and I truly admire who you are in Him. Keep on!

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