what today brought us

eager for math

  • 26 days left until homeschooling!!  our materials have been arriving and we are so excited.
  • registration for gia's first dance class.  she is ready to start ballerina-ing this fall.
  • possibly weirdest parenting moment ever with luca.  not sure if i will share details, but it makes me realize i can always be surprised with my kiddos 
  • a better attitude and more God-found strength for this mama.  yay!
  • enzo not napping in the afternoon - again.  i am really in need of a schedule overhaul.  this is not working for me.
  • some planning for fun sewing projects.  working on a wardrobe refashion.  tutorial to come later this month.
  • no laundry done.  uh-oh.  i was doing so well.  better get on that tomorrow.
  • shoppe orders completed and some belated packages wrapped up for tomorrow's mail.  big weight off my shoulders.


nicole said...

yeah for math.
bravo for home school.
we were set to start homeschool this fall but it looks like the door shut on that and the kids will continue to the local school. God must have something in mind for us there.
better to follow God's plan than my own...a super tough lesson.

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