the tree fort (aka a dream deferred)

the princess at the gate

if you have been keeping up with goings-on at casa hart, it is pretty obvious we have had a summer of plans changed, hopes delayed and flexibility relearned.  such is life when mama has a chronic illness.  our kiddos have learned first hand that life is unpredictable.  

tree fort planning

one of the major items on our summer to-do list was a tree fort.  visions of rope bridges and afternoon snacks on a raised porch were sadly put off for this year.

but back in early june, we were still planning.

tree fort planning

these are the results of a sunday afternoon brainstorming session.  we let our imagination run a bit wild.  i think we would have the craziest wonkiest coolest tree fort ever if we included all of this.  but. . . i am okay with that.

its golden

 and sometimes planning requires a quick break into the next yard to pick golden raspberries.  we love our neighbors.

tree fort planning

oh tree fort, maybe next year i can take a photo of you.  not just make a silly bad drawing of you.

earlier this week, luca asked to play at a friend's house; his reasoning was our backyard was boring without a tree fort.  well, i convinced him there *is* to plenty to do out here without one, but i acknowledged his sadness of a dream deferred.
the boy on the steps

soon, my son, soon.  until then, let's keep on dreaming.  i think the basket and pulley (so i can send up chocolate chip cookies, of course) needs to be tweaked.

as much as it has been painful to see the garden and backyard take such a backseat this summer, i know my littles have learned a lot this season.  come back next week for a post on the neglected potager and how i am using it to teach the kiddos.


inadvertent farmer said...

We've had a few plans fall through too...the kiwi arbor is still yet only on paper. The raspberry fence post are in but no fencing and the gate only half done.

But we all had each other this summer and after all isn't what counts?

I love you drawing...and your dreaming! Kim

Lora said...

that looks so cool! my kiddos would love that!
i LOVE the new profile picture you put up on your sidebar. you look amazing! and so full of life and joy

The author said...

Sometimes I think when a dream finally comes to life it's a little more sweet if it's been a long time coming. How lucky to have golden raspberries just next door!

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