tomorrow is our zero

tomorrow is our zero

well, august 30th is (almost) here.  it has been a (somewhat) amusing last weekend.  luca was (more than a little) sick friday night and saturday with a high fever.  yeah, that was (not so much) fun.  we slept (barely) three hours that night.  it (kinda) threw off my final plans for preparing.  but that is (totally) part of mamahood.  regardless, we are (mostly) pumped for tomorrow.  the mostly part is due to my (hopefully unfounded) concern that the fever is coming to visit me tonight.  not (at all) good.  loading up on (extra-strength) tylenol right now.

my big (little) guy has been counting down the days on our chalkboard.  today he (adorably) exclaimed,
tomorrow is my zero!
praying for a good night of (uninterrupted) sleep and a heart full of grace and joy for our *zero*.


Nichole said...

Good Luck!

contented sparrow said...

it's going to be great!!! your first day of homeschooling! relax and soak it'll remember this day forever!
blessings, megan

Jill said...

Happy *new* school year!
hoping you (and your little one) are feeling much better!!
Many Blessings!

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