the students are here! the students are here!

the students are coming!

can you tell i am excited?

this is the week that chambana adds tens of thousands of new residents.  we drive through campustown at great risk. we avoid target, meijer, and wal-mart like the plague.  move-in week is full of traffic, long lines, and frat parties.  lots of students with no homework.  enough said. 

and we also get to be a part of something so exciting.  we see new beginnings.  we stay young with crazy late night parties and adventures.  we raise our family around college students.  we share our journey and take part in theirs.

we watch lives change.  we are changed.  the world is changed.

we are part of a campus church.

this weekend kicks off our fall semester.  we reunite with our brothers and sisters after a summer spent on different schedules, in different cities, and with different families.


the students are coming!

and i wish i had something like this to wear for this week's events.  i made it out of a large t-shirt earlier this summer for another girl in our church.  cute, right?

it only took an hour or so. . . maybe i can pull it off?


Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

you definitely could pull it off!

we live in a college town too, and do those same things...driving out of our way for groceries and target runs for the first two weeks of school.
i do love it though.

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