pouty (with a pretty necklace)

pouty (with a pretty necklace)

i need a cure.  a cure for my bad attitude.  of course i know THE cure.  but i want a quick fix.  a band-aid.  something that will make it all feel better and make me not so pouty.

i am tired.  feeling insecure about mamahood and all of the ways i can and *do* mess up my kiddos.  i want to be patient with them and love them through their childish ways.  but i did not do that part of the job description very well today.  i was short-tempered.  i did not seek the STRENGTH i needed.

but jesse gave me this pretty (and hard to see) necklace for our anniversary and i am hoping that (as i stay up too late) maybe it will help calm me down a bit.

so for all those mamas doubting themselves tonight, let's take heart together.  there might not be a quick fix, but there is this. 

be strong and take heart, 
all you who hope in the Lord.
psalm 31:24


inadvertent farmer said...

Oh I have had many nights like you are having...you would not be a normal mama without a few doubts now and then.

Just remember that even though we may screw up, God has an even stronger power to clean up. Just love them and pray over them and let God do the rest.

I'll remember you in my prayers tonight...blessings (and chocolate if you lived closer!) Kim

Lora said...

praying for you today, my friend
(and the necklace is so pretty - simple and classy - just like you! :) )

Amy said...

It looks like you got your mojo back, and I'm so glad. We've all been there, my friend. Many times. I have no doubt--not a one!--that your children are healthy and happy and very, very lucky to have you as a momma. And...Thank God we get to try again each day!

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