hello beautiful

hello beautiful

for years i have been swooning over dslr cameras.

for nine months i have been saving.  christmas, birthday, etsy shoppe earnings.

i had a plan.  i would have the money in hand to purchase a new camera this winter.  but my old camera had other plans.  it died last week.  after weeks of being finicky about turning on, it said a final farewell months ahead of schedule.  oh well .  (insert sheepish grin here.)  i don't feel at all bad about buying this on credit.  half of the money was there.  the rest will be soon.  i worked hard so far to make it happen.  and i will keep on working (now with this beauty in hand).  and apparently with my pinkie finger raised in the air. 

and to top it off, this afternoon i got my first haircut in nine months too.  loving the cleaned up ends and the extra bounce from new layers.  told you yesterday's photo would soon be dated.


Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

yay for you and your new dslr! they make taking photos so.much.more.fun!

Laura Wynn said...

Yay! That is so exciting :)

lizzie said...

i'm so glad for you! when you're ready to spend a little more (and you want to blow your mind with super duper awesome pics) pick up a 50mm lens. enjoy the new camera!!!

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