first day photos - homeschool style

first day 2010

first day 2010
i am smitten with all of the back-to-school photo ideas on the web - lots of cutie pie kiddos wearing adorable outfits with fresh haircuts and spiffy new backpacks.  even some holding so-sweet-wish-i-had-thunk-it-first signs.  yep.  love them.

but, seriously, i am not about to 1) buy unnecessary new clothes 2) buy unnecessary backpacks or 3) have them unnecessarily bathed and dressed before lessons each morning.  some mornings, yes.  but most, we will be playing it uber-casual.  so what was this photo-lovin' mama to do? 

step one: find these neato dry-erase lined writing tablets at target.  (gotta love those dollar spot bins!)

step two: have my littles write out their names and the year. this is a great way to measure their handwriting skills over the years too.  doesn't luca have excellent penmanship? and we were all extremely impressed with gia.

step three: let them wear favorite pajamas.  pajamas i tell you.  in the future, i do think a new pair of pjs could make it special (not to mention super practical).

step four:  relax and take photos.  no rushing off anywhere.  we get to stay home!  spend as much time as wanted and needed being silly, practicing letters, and taking turns.  all excellent lessons for the day as well.

first day 2010

first day 2010

first day 2010

first day 2010

first day 2010

first day 2010

do you have any other great ideas or experiences?  please share.


Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

this is a great way to document this big day!! p.s. your daughter's hair is seriously amazing.

Lora said...

i gotta tell you - you and your husband make BEAUTIFUL children! oh my goodness. look at that spiral curly hair!! and those big brown eyes. wow. you are blessed!
so glad your first day went so well! i'm proud of you! you are doing awesome...

Nichole said...

Such a cute idea.

I wanted to spread the word about a friend's unborn baby that needs a lot of prayers. You can read more about it at my blog, and we are also do a little fundraiser for the family.

Mollie. said...

My mom always tells people that as stressful as homeschooling can be, it is less stressful than trying to get a house full of kids ready for school each day, then handle all the homework and extra stuff afterward. You're already off to a good start with the jammies! So happy for you guys!

Kimberly Martin-Boyd said...

Don't forget a picture with their teacher....

Laura said...

I love these creative photos!!! Thanks for sharing! I'm glad I found your blog!

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