did you know. . .

did you know?

. . . that i wore heels almost every day in high school? but i can't now because of my pain-ridden ankles and feet.  i think they are oh-so-pretty though and sometimes i give in to temptation.  then i have to walk barefoot at a wedding reception for that mistake.

. . . that i have three canes?  they are all cheap and from the drugstore.  two of them are brown wood.  the second was bought by my dad during my grandfather's funeral.  i collapsed and had forgot to pack the first one.  my third cane is black metal and -get this - collapsible.  so i can stick it in my bag just in case.  like on trips.  actually super helpful.  but unattractive.  i feel like if i invest in a real non drugstore cane, it is admitting defeat.  defeat of what, i am not sure.

. . . that i can't sleep because of my fibromyalgia?  but i am oh-so-tired.  and have had my fill of blog hopping for the night.

. . . that i am praying for the Spirit to help me in my weakness with groans that words cannot express?  isn't that idea just amazing.  one of my favorite verses.


Lora said...

praying for you today

Amy Van-Mod said...

This post made my heart hurt a little. Praying for rest where you least expect it.

Jennifer said...

i think my mom has the same black collapsable one. it makes me sad, but somehow feel closer to you. hope you don't need it soon.

nacherluver said...

Have fibro. Understand. Post a bit sad. Picture happy and marvelous! Glad I found your adorable blog!

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