celebrating ten

what we did over the weekend.

celebrating ten

this guy took the wheel.

hello indiana

hello michigan

we left home.

hello saugatuck

we arrived.

douglas beach

douglas beach

hello handsome

celebrating ten

not a fan of sand bugs

his hands

we celebrated ten years.

day one . . . trudged through traffic on the way up . . . talked, talked, talked with no little voices in the background. . . forgot about the time change . . . ate oh-so-yummy appetizers during cocktail hour at the b&b . . . watched the sunset at douglas beach (overcast, but still a gorgeous night.) . . . waited (and waited) for seating and service at dinner . . . acted silly and slap-happy while eating at 10pm (michigan time) . . . held hands and smiled (lots).
harts and hearts

this was seriously an amazing getaway.

spending uninterrupted time together.  no agenda.  no schedule.  two nights, three days of us

i highly recommend it.



Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

that sounds delightful! love the heart banner photo. you are a very creative lady!!

Roxanne said...

How awesome!!! Congrats again... I remember doning that red dress and salsa-ing it up like it was yesterday :)May God continue to bless you all!

Lora said...

yay! so glad you got to get away! those pictures are so good. love the one with the paper hearts. :)

Heather said...

Sounds like a fabulous trip! I love the pic with the hearts too …. thanks for sharing!

contented sparrow said...

hi, happy anniversary to you! i had to comment because i live not all that far from saugatuck. it looks like you had a great time...beautiful weather, too.

i've favorited many of your home photos over on flickr over a long period of time now but have never commented here. so, "hi"! "pleased to meet ya!" "looking forward to getting to know you more!"

blessings to you, megan

geschichtenvonkat said...

congratulations! saugatuck is great...i went to college just north of there at Hope. nothing like michigan sand dunes!!

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