bath mornings

bath mornings

once a week, i declare
it's a bath morning!
littles cheer.  baby smiles (but he always does that).  mama needs a break.

a break, you ask?  yes, a break.  on days when i am moving a bit slow or bedrooms need some cleaning or siblings are bickering or a combination of all three, i have found that bath mornings make it all better.

bath mornings

luca is done with breakfast and has first dibs. he fills the tub himself and takes care of all his washing.  no work for me.  i move the youngest two from table to nursery and set them up with toys and dolls of choice.  time for me to sit and read if pain and fatigue are too much.  or i change sheets and tidy up drawers and closets.  the house is quiet and children are content.  each in their own world of play and happiness.
next up, enzo takes a quick dip.  he loves to splash.  hence the lack of photo.  his sweet head full of wet curls for the next half hour.  soon, he is sleepy and has thumb in mouth ready to nap.

it's a princess

my little gia takes a bit of prodding to pull away from a world of princesses and castles.
see mama, i made a girl.  she has a crown on her head and a bootiful necklace too.
but tales of a mermaid needing her hair untangled convince her.  we carefully comb out her long curls.  it is soothing for both of us as long as i am gentle, shes sits still, and we use lots of conditioner. 

no rushing.  no loudness.  a sleeping brother in one room.  in the other, luca flips through library books or explores lost treasure newly uncovered from under his bed.  i just comb out her hair and pray for more mornings like this. 

bath mornings

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Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

such a great post. thinking of you and praying for comfort in your body today.

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