staycation (part three)

staycation (part 3)

friday night found us playing rummy, uno, and go fish.  in a tent.  in our backyard.

my little storyteller

at the very end we made up tales of princesses, forest animals, and a missing button with these excellent story telling cards that i would love to tell you more about in the future.  gia was pretty amazing at that game and drew us in with her narrative of sadness and strife involving a fairy and some squirrels.  hilarious and awesome.  we ran out of daylight and used our flashlights for a classic backyard campout experience.  i escaped back into the house and slept in the nursery with the goo.

one of those nights we will always remember.

backyard camping = sleeping under the stars with the convenience of indoor plumbing nearby.  what could be better?


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